Classic Rock Cruise-In, Castle Rock Colorado

One of my favorite Colorado car shows is the annual Classic Rock Cruise-In in Castle Rock that’s held on the streets of this charming town. Founded in 1874, Castle Rock is located just off Interstate 25 and  28 miles south of Denver and 37 miles  north of Colorado Springs, making it easy to get to from anywhere in Colorado’s front range. Part of the charm of this show is due to the ambiance of the little town that throws it’s doors wide open to the automotive community.


There are several things  I like about this show: One is the wide diversity of cars both domestic and imports. What other show are you able to see a pristine Bug-Eye Austin Healy Sprite parked near a classic Gull Wing Mercedes-Benz. Or Shelby Mustangs—new and old—alongside classic Lincolns and Packard at the same show.

While people who show their cars at events such as this are almost friendly there is something about this venue that just brings out the “nice” in people. At a previous show, Mary and I had a wonderful conversation with a couple who wanted a project they could work on together to create a car for her. And what a car! It was first generation Mazda Miata MX-5 with a Mustang Cobra engine in it, wrapped up body kit painted a lovely shade of bronze.


But the highlight of one show was when the owner of a Ferrari Dino GT—152 were built in total during 1968 and 1969—asked if I would like to sit in his car. This is one of my dream cars and over the years I have only seen a handful of these cars in the flesh and now I was able to sit comfortably inside one of these rare cars. And both of these incidents are perfect examples of why you should attend this year’s car show.

The show runs from 10:00am to 3:00pm and Mary and I hope to be there but our home was damaged in a recent storm and dealing with contractors to get it put back togther could mean we can’t make it. But if we do, please stop us and say “Hi!” I’m hoping that maybe at this show, I’ll finally have the Lumix GX85 that Mary ordered for my birthday last month. Crossing my fingers..