Gift Guide: A Lens and Sensor Cleaning Bundle

by | Dec 10, 2020

Today’s Post by Joe Farace

I’ve been using LensPen products for a long time, for almost all of the twenty-five plus years they’ve been in production. Yup, for more than 25 years LensPens have been helping me and other photographers keep their cameras, binoculars and lenses clean.

I keep a LensPen in all my camera bags as well as one in my desk to clean up any of the cameras that are sitting around—right now that’s Panasonic Lumix S1R and 24-105mm f/4 lens. That’s the same LensPen that I’ll stick in my photo vest or pocket when heading out to a Cars & Coffee event. The local Parker Cars & Coffee event is a year-round, rain-or-shine event but the truth is, as I found out last month, that even mildly inclement weather suppresses turnout; yet that is the very weather conditions when you’re really going to need a LensPen. And Motorsports? Don’t leave home without a LensPen.

Over the years, LensPen has introduced all kinds of tools specifically designed to clean LCD screens on DSLRs and mirrorless cameras as well as compact camera lenses, viewfinders and filters. We car photographers exist in a world where we don’t let the weather or track conditions get in the way of making the best possible shot and many times these realities  enhance our images, so having a LensPen handy is more than a good idea.

Recently, LensPen packaged their most popular lens and sensor cleaning products into a Lens and Sensor Cleaning Bundle that makes a great holiday gift for any photographer. The Lens and Sensor Cleaning Bundle includes everything you need to clean lenses, eyepieces, filters and the camera’s sensor:

  • DSLR Pro Kit includes an Original LensPen to clean lenses, a FilterKlear for filters and a MicroPro for eyepieces/viewfinders. All of them feature a natural brush to remove loose dust on one end and a carbon infused cleaning tip to remove fingerprints on the other. The soft microfiber pouch can even be used to clean the camera housing.
  • SensorKlear II is a LensPen specially engineered to clean sensors. Its articulating tip reach every corner of a sensor, and the carbon in the cleaning tip picks up any dust specks.
  • Hurricane Blower  provides blasts of air to safely clean the most sensitive surfaces, including lenses, filters and sensors.

The Lens and Sensor Cleaning Bundle are environmentally friendly and work great in any weather condition, from hot to cold.

The Lens and Sensor Cleaning Bundle costs $55.95 and includes free shipping within North America with a $20 flat rate anywhere in the world. For more information and to order, go to

NEW YEAR’S GIVEAWAY: In January I will be having a contest, sponsored by LensPen, and hosted by this blog and my how-to photography blog. The prize will be a Lens and Sensor Cleaning Bundle. Stay tuned for an announcement after New Year’s Day.

Yes, LensPen is a sponsor of this and my other blog but I’ve been using their products long before this website was launched, back when I was still shooting with Nikon film cameras. They are a sponsor because I like, use and believe in their products.