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Today’s Post by Joe Farace

Thanks to some questions from our Senior International Travel Correspondent, John Larsen and Elizabeth Feigenbaum from Bridgestone for the inspiration for today’s post.

Where’s the Posts: In addition to posts for this blog, I write five posts a week for Saving the World, One Pixel @ a Time and Mirrorless Photo Tips as well a two posts a week for my portrait photography blog. I try to write two new posts for this blog as well but sometimes my duties as writer/photographer for Shutterbug magazine get in the way; I have to make a living after all and Shoots Cars costs money and doesn’t make any.

John Larsen told me he will be attending the Classic 24 at Daytona race on November 9-12. They run six classes for an hour each, four times through the day and night. It’s an interesting concept especially, according to John, “most cars could never actually manage to complete an entire 24 hour event!” Look or John’s report and photographs shortly after the event.

Your Cars: I have been trying for  while to add a Your Cars feature to the blog, showcasing reader’s cars in the same way as I’ve done with the Our Cars feature. I’ve handed out some business cards at Cars & Coffee and other car shows, but have not had any follow throughs. I think some people this I am trying to sell them something, when nothing could be farther from the truth. All interesting cars have interesting stores behind them. Why not share yours with our readers. Click in the Contact button above and tell me about your cars. I’ll make a photograph of it and let you tell your story.

Daylight Saving Time ends on November 5. Did you know tires lose one pound per square inch (PSI) of pressure for every 10-degree drop in temperature? I didn’t but knew colder temperatures affected them, as my TPMS often reminds me. Firestone suggests that there’s more that you can do to prepare for colder temps and shorter days than just turning the clock back and checking the batteries in your home’s smoke detector. (I always use my birthday for that.) With shorter days and lower temperatures ahead, now is the time to make sure your car is as winter-ready as you are.

Thanksgiving Travel: Make sure the turkey makes it to the family dinner table by ensuring your vehicle is ready for holiday travel. Their recent survey found that more than 65% of Americans travel 270 miles on average for the Thanksgiving holiday. Make sure your car is ready for the trip and that you can safely make it there.