At the Vehicle Vault Today



Mark Toal, my co-host at Mirrorless Photo Tips, is in town and we will be at the Vehicle Vault in Parker, Colorado taking pictures of the cars in their collection.

The Gallery at Vehicle Vault houses a fabulous collection of rare and exotic automobiles from all over the world for Gallery members, guests and the general public to see up close, with interactive and rotating exhibit displays designed to educate, inspire and foster an appreciation for this key element of our past, present and future.

Look for photographs from our visit her and on Mirrorless Photo Tips.

The next Cars and Coffee @ Vehicle Vault is on October 8, 2016. Hope to see you there.

  • Starts: 9:00 am
  • Ends: – 12:00 pm
  • Location: Vehicle Vault 18301 Lincoln Meadows Parkway Parker, Colorado 8013

UPDATE: For the second time in several months, Mark and I showed up at the Vehicle Vault to get a chance to look at and photograph the beautiful cars on display and for the second time, the building was closed for a special event. We apologize if you were inconvenienced by this. Mark and I are going to have another shot at this and will keep you posted the next time Mark is in Colorado.