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How I Photograph Cars


Do you like classic cars and would like to make better photographs of them at outdoor shows and Concours d’Elegance? What about the challenge of photographing hot rods and customs at indoor car shows? It’s all there in my small Book How I Photograph Cars. It’s a concise look at how to make great car photographs under all kinds of lighting and working conditions.

In these pages, you’ll learn when to shoot in black and white or when to shoot color. There’s information on why it’s important to shoot details, especially when it’s a crowded car shows. I’ll show how I created the impressionistic cover image of Michael Schumacher winning the US Grand Prix in the rain at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. But there’s plenty here for lovers of American cars, muscle cars, and hot rods too.

In How I Photograph Cars, there’s also information on photographing motorsports from sports car racing to drag racing including safety tips when working around fast racecars. You’ll go behind the scenes as I photographs a small car collection for a client and look at not just the challenge of photographing a group of cars but the logistics involved in making the shot happen.

Creative Digital Monochrome Effects


Creative Digital Monochrome Effects is not specifically about cars but features many images of cars and it was my intention to make this a fun read for those who like black & white photography and playing in the digital darkroom.

I dig into what kinds of software is best and show how to use them to manipulate your photos as well as discussing in-camera effects for toning and soft focus.

The information covers everything from creating traditional looking black-and-white or color toned images, to adding color selectively for a fine-art approach. This book is currently out-of-print but Amazon has some used copies available at bargain prices, less than three bucks, You can purchase it by clicking below.

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Special Note

If you’re wondering what happened to my eBook
15 Tips for Better Car Photos
the publishers (not me) decided to discontinue it, so I’m offering a “real” book via Blurb.com. If there is any demand, I will update the eBook and offer it directly to this blog’s readers.