A note from Joe

Coming soon

Because of the many requests that I’ve received from visitors to this site, people I’ve met at Cars & Coffee and readers of this blog, I’m currently in negotiations with several prestigious professional photo labs around the country, investigating ways to offer fine art prints of some of the images that appear on this site and blog.

The current plan is to offer a gateway on this website that would let readers order prints directly from the photo lab, who would then produce the print, package it and ship the finished print directly to you. You would pay them, not me, directly for the print. Initially we would like to start small, offering a few of our more popular images that can be ordered in various sizes and configurations and as the service expands, we would like to let you order prints of any of the images that appear on this site or in the blog.

Since this will involve some programming and lots behind-the-scenes work not only on this blog but the system will need to be tested for quality assurances reasons, it will take time and money to affects this change to the kind of expanded services that we offer. But this is something that I’m committed to and will strenuously work to see it implemented.

Stay tuned

Watch for announcements of this service on the blog.