Building a Lego Caterham 620 R

by | Nov 29, 2016

caterhamThe new Caterham Seven 620 R has the same 2.0 liter engine found in the legendary R500. Except the company decided to supercharged it to, you know, add more power! Delivering 310hp and a huge amount of torque, the 620 R has been developed to not only be capable of withstanding that power but has the gear train to harness it. With a new sequential gearbox and uprated drive train coupled to newly suspension components courtesy of the Caterham F1 team, the 620 R delivers more feel and handles better than anything the company has built before.

The Seven 620 R is available as a factory built car only, hand-built by Caterham team in England and it’ll be shipped as a rolling chassis. The engine and gearbox are not included in the base price of $99,950.

But in the spirit of the holidays, you can buy a Caterham Seven 620 R from Lego for 80 bucks that you can build yourself, if not drive. It might make a great Christmas gift for your significant other. Here’s a YouTube video (sorry about the ads) showing how to build it. Enjoy.