Car Show Season is Over But Cars are Not

by | Sep 29, 2016

Today’s Post by Joe Farace, photo by John Larsen

Other than a few year-round Cars & Coffee events, the local car show season is over. And so is most motorsports, even amateur events, especially here in Colorado where we’ve already had some snowfall in the mountains.

Nevertheless, I hope to attend the LA Auto Show and we also hope to be at the Vehicle Vault’s October 8 Cars & Coffee event. I’m testing a Nikon D810 and AF-S Nikkor 105mm f/1.4E ED lens for Shutterbug magazine and will be bringing it along to make some phonographs—maybe some that will appear in the magazine.

As we move into fall, one of the projects I hope to get launched is the “Your Car; Our Website” concept. Staring in October I will be actively looking to interview the owners of interesting cars and feature them on this site throughout the Winter.


And before you get to thinking that this is just for owners of Duesenbergs or Lamborghinis the answer is no. All you have to do is look at John Larsen’s RX7 (featured) and read his story and you’ll know what we are looking for—and interesting car with an interesting story

I would like to feature your car in the same way we did with John’s. Click on the Contact button and tell us about your car in a sentence or too. We’ll make arrangements to photograph the car and sit down and talk with you about it and it will be featured in an upcoming blog post. There is no charge for this; this is just a way of showing the kinds of cars that readers of this blog drive.

There is one caveat—and you know there would be—and that is people living in Colorado will get photographed first. Your have two options if you’re out-of-state:

  • It may take me while to get around to photographing you car but this is going to be an ongoing series. When I will be out-of-state, I’ll post a travel notice and make it easy for you to get in touch with me when I’m on the road.
  • If you have a good picture of your car and can write your story about the car, we’ll treat it as a guest post. But, check first (click Contact) for details on how many words to submit and image file sizes.