Changes in the Blog for 2018

by | Feb 5, 2018

Today’s Post by Joe Farace

On January 1, I announced via my Instagram feed—if you’re not following me, there please do. It’s @joefarace—that I would be taking a hiatus from blogging to focus on my personal photography. That hiatus has come to an end and I’m starting to blog again but there will be some changes going forward.

As part of this website, the blog will continue to focus on photography-related posts but will also include posts about cars and car-related subjects and maybe car-related products, depending on how the blog evolves over this year. These new posts will also be more personal; something that occasionally occurred in the old blog but will be happening more frequently here.

There will not be daily posts. Google’s algorithm suggests you must post something every day on a blog in order for their search engine to pay attention and move you up in rankings. Sorry Google, I’m only going to write posts when I have something to say, not just to fill space.

While this blog is free to access, it’s not free to produce. There are domain and server costs associated with producing it including the software that runs and protects the site. My Webmaster must be paid for keeping this and my personal site/blog up and running and free from the inevitable issues that plague all on-line enterprises. There will be some sponsors here but not just personal sponsors as so many manufacturer-paid bloggers have, but sponsorships of the blog itself that (I hope) will cover the cost of operation.

The main reason for creating my original blog was two fold: As photo and book publishers imploded depriving me of a traditional outlet for reaching photographers, I wanted a creative outlet for my writing but more importantly wanted to let my original readers know I was alive, had images to share and something to say about this pursuit we all love.

So welcome to the new blog; I hope you enjoy what you find.

PS. If you’re wondering what these images have to do with today’s post, stay tuned…