Cobra On the Street

by | May 10, 2016

Today’s Post features a photograph entered in our National Photo Month competition. If you missed the announcement, here’s a link.

Street Cobra b&w-

From Jamie Zartman, Grand Junction, Colorado

The photo was taken with my old Panasonic LX5, during the annual Ferrari Club street fundraiser show in Naples, Florida, that’s held every mid-February. The light was dappled and harsh and I only had a second or two to grab the shot before people would have walked into the frame.

This was long before I learned to shot how to RAW, or even aperture priority (just used the very dependable iA mode). With its f/2.0-3.3 lens, the Panasonic LX5 always delivered excellent JPEG’s.

The photo was taken at 1/400 sec at f/4 and ISO 80 using the small, 1/1.65-sized sensor. I feel the cafe scene behind the Cobra was a good backdrop, and it was only later that I realized the waiter’s shirt directed by the umbrella, said HEMI in large letters. The photo is slightly cropped and was converted more recently to black and white using the now free Silver Efex Pro.