Hot Rod at Night

by | May 24, 2016

Today’s Post by John Larsen


Today’s Post features another photograph entered in our National Photo Month competition. If you missed the announcement, here’s a link. There’s still time to enter.


My partner and I were staying at a friend’s house on the shore of Lake Huron in Goderich, Ontario. On a Friday evening, I grabbed my tripod and relatively new Fuji S1 and we walked to the center of town that was only a few blocks away. I had intended to take photos of the movie theater as it still had the classic neon signs and posters out front.

While I was setting up the tripod and mounting the camera on top, this bright yellow hot rod with lights under it cruises by. I ask my partner to grab the driver’s attention. He pulls over and I tell him that I would like to take a few photos of his magnificent ride and I will send him photos in return for his time and patience. I also handed him my business card.

After looping through town one more time he pulls over in front of the theatre and stops for a few minutes while I take a couple of photos. I manage to get a couple of blurred ghostly images as he pulls away.

The next day there is a huge car show in town, which he is attended, and the owner calls asking to see copies of the photos that I took. I printed four images and mailed them. A few weeks later the owner calls me to tell me that he has received the photos and he loves them!