I’m Giving Thanks Today

by | Nov 25, 2021

Today’s Post by Joe Farace

On this special Holiday and #throwbackthursday I’d like to say Thank You to all the people out there who help me with this blog and my life, starting with (and in no particular order)…

maserati2Thanks to Barry Staver for his continued friendship and  inspiration that his images have always given me. Our conversations over coffee (and tea) and donuts create many a special moment each month. Thanks to Cliff Lawson an amazingly gifted photographer for the time we share together laughing and learning about life, cars and photography. His creativity in producing and directing a series of YouTube videos, Joe and Cliff go to Cars & Coffee have been the highlight of my car year. A big thank you to Tim Fiedler for his hard work in shaping this blog as well as my photography how-to website.

Thanks goes out to Mark Toal who’s not just a great photographer but a great human being and I’m glad I met him a few years ago at Sonoma Raceway. Mark likes car (and trains) as much as I do I want to thank him for the inspiration and friendship that he has shown me over these past years. Thanks also goes out to Kevin Elliott whose calm measured response to my panic at whatever the current computer crisis that I’m going through and for his skills and talents that always rescued the day.

Thanks to all of you blog readers, Twitter followers and Instagram friends for hanging in there with me over all these years. It’s your loyalty and support that help me write these posts.

And finally finally a special thanks to my wife, Mary who makes me happy every day of my life by showing how much she cares. She is a shining beacon of what being a truly kind person is all about and by her daily actions show me how to be the person I try to be. I only hope to live long enough to become that kind of person that she is.

PS, The reason that this is also a #throwbackthursday is that the photo is from several years ago and was made in Florida at the private track of a friend of Mary’s family who took me for a rode in his Maserati.