May is National Photo Month

by | May 3, 2016

National Photography Month originally began by in 1984 as the week long American Photography Celebration but now runs the entire month of May. For a short time it was also the home of “Take Your Camera to Work day” that was funded out of my own pocket but faded after a few years because of the cost of creating a site that was user-friendly enough for people to upload photographs. If anybody’s interested in helping me relaunch the Web site, it could restart it next year with your help.

May is also my birthday month and I’d like to thank all of this blog’s readers for their support over the years. So this month, I’m going to occasionally feature some of my favorite pictures of subjects that are for whatever reason are near and dear to me. The above car is a 1953 Packard Clipper Club Sedan that Mary and I originally purchased to participate in The Great Race (we never made it because our main sponsor was a camera company—I won’t mention any names— Can-cough!-on—changed their mind at the last minute. After that disappointment, we kept the Packard only a short while because Mary never really liked it. We participated in several car shows and Packard Club events but later sold it at auction to a private automobile museum in Phoenix.

This image was shot near Brighton, Colorado using an old (in Internet years) Samsung Pro 815 with Schneider-Kreuznach zoom lens at 40mm (equivalent) and an exposure of 1/640 sect at f/2.5 and ISO 50.

NDSLRK Grey tips in-use White pensTo celebrate Nation Photo Month, we are having an informal contest. Send me a link to your favorite car photo and, with your permission, we’ll publish some of them on this blog.

At the end of the month, I’ll pick several winners, showcase them in a special blog post. Some will win a Lenspen DSLR Pro Kit in a microfiber pouch, that contains everything needed to keep your camera lenses, viewfinders and filters clean. It includes an original LensPen for your lenses, FilterKlear for filters and the smaller MicroPro, specifically designed for viewfinders and tight corners that are harder to reach and clear of dust.


Other winners will receive a Card-Again Memory Wallets from Mindshift Gear.These handy card holders will keep your Secure Digital and Compact Flash cards safe, secure, and all in one place. Sized for today’s high capacity cards, these compact card wallets provide convenient access and organization. Thanks to both of these companies for their kind donations.