Nissan Skyline on the Rocks

I photographed this Nissan Skyline GTR for Modified magazine at Red Rocks Park outside Denver.

The Skyline GTR is the ultimate cult car and when any of them show up at Cars & Coffee events or car shows, they’re invariable crowded by young people who grew up on video games soaking up this amazing automobile that was never officially brought into the US. The Nissan GT-R may be the spiritual successor to the Skyline and while it is an amazing cars in it’s right, it—to me—lacks the same vibe.

The above image was shot with a Canon EOS-1D Mark IIN with the (now discontinued) EF 100-300mm f/4.5-5.6 USM lens (at108mm) with an exposure of 1/500 sec at f/10 and ISO 200.

Photographically the most interesting part of this story—to me and maybe to you because it addresses the old JPEG vs. RAW controversy—is what Modified’s Art Director told me. He said, “Just shoot JPEG s for most of the shots but for any you think would make a good double-page spread, shoot RAW.” I did what he asked but the photo that he used across tow pages was shot as a JPEG. Go figure.

Super Street magazine had this to say about the magazine: “Modified was the ultimate auto magazine, where all the cars have a focus on function over fads. The brand covers tech and how-to performance tuning articles; project cars, engine builds, and suspension, tire, wheel, and other upgrades; extensive event coverage and 100’s of photos; and product buyers guides.” It was shuttered a few years ago due to the vagaries of the contemporary magazine business.

car.bookIn How I Photograph Cars, there’s also lots of information on photographing cars including motorsports from sports car racing to drag racing including safety tips when working around fast racecars. You’ll go behind the scenes as I photographs a small car collection for a client and look at not just the challenge of photographing a group of cars but the logistics involved in making the shot happen.