Service Heroes: New Feature Coming to the Blog

by | May 27, 2021

Today’s Post by Joe Farace, photo by Jamie Zartman

Back in the 1970’s I was the editor of the local Porsche Club’s monthly newsletter. This was before desktop publishing software, laser printers and all of the gear that makes creating a newsletter easier these days. It was all produced using my portable typewrite and a club-owned Dittto machine, that was also used to print rally instructions. These day many clubs probably don’t even have newsletters; instead relying on a website. Which brings me to…

Recently I started mentioning service heroes that I have encountered in the photography equipment area. For example, you can read what I had to say about Paul C. Buff’s service department —I loved’em—when they repaired my busted DigiBee DB800 monolight here. So I decided that I would try the same thing with this blog, instead it will be aimed at the shops/service departments where you and I take our cars.

As I write this I am waiting to get a call to hear the results of some of  recall work that’s currently being done on Mary’s Subaru Crosstrek by Groove Subaru. Mary’s company car is a Ford Escape and it’s serviced at Groove Ford and she loves the quality of their wok and how she’s treated—always a challenge for females having their cars serviced or repaired. And so she insisted I take it to Groove Subaru. How did it go? Look for a report real soon now.

From Car & Driver: Subaru of America will recall 466,205 vehicles to fix a potential problem with the ignition coils, which could degrade and lead to “starting or stalling issues.” The vehicles being recalled are the 2017–2019 Impreza and 2018–2019 Crosstrek. A second recall, issued at the same time, is to tighten bolts on the rear stabilizer bracket. This recall includes 405,000 2019 Crosstrek and Forester models.


And in the meantime, if you would like to give a detailed service report—good or bad— on where you had your car serviced, click the CONTACT link and I’ll tell you how to submit it.