Vlog: What’s New with my Car Search

by | Oct 18, 2019

Today’s Vlog by Joe Farace


Today’s vlog was made while I was driving Mary’s 2016 VW Beetle convertible down to Parker, CO to run some errands and wanted to try shooting a vlog in a moving car. The video was shot using the Sony RX100 VII that I am currently testing for a review I’m writing for Shutterbug’s website. When I’m finished and the review appears I will update this post with a link so you can get the full scoop and my unbiased opinion about the camera.

How I shot this vlog: The tiny RX100 VII was supported by a RED pod ($26.99) beanbag that was placed on the Beetle’s dashboard in a recessed area located there. I adjusted the camera angle by moving the beanbag around to get it where it looked good on the Sony’s flip up screen, pushed the video button on the camera’s back and started driving.

The RED pod has a 1/4″ universal mounting bolt that’s located in its center and I just screwed the small camera onto it. The beanbag was designed for mirrorless, GoPro, advanced point & shoots, DSLRs with short focal length lenses (like 50mm), camcorders and even microphones.

The video, which is just one long, uninterrupted take, was edited in Apple’s iMovie. As expected, because the Beetle is a convertible, there was lots of road noise. I applied iMovie’s noise reduction option but it sounded tinny, so I added Bass Boost (which is just a single pop-up menu) to help. The sound isn’t perfect, only an external mic would have helped. But you will have to read my review of the RX100 VII to get the backstory on that. I’ll update this post with a link to the review when its published.

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