What’s On Your Bucket List

Bucket List: A list of things to do before you die. Comes from the term “kicked the bucket.”

If you don’t already know it by now, I love cars. I love driving them, reading about them, photographing them, the whole megillah. I am car crazy.

Kirkham roadsterWhen I lived in Baltimore I had a friend named John who was an architect and avid Volkswagen enthusiast and drove a Beetle, a real air-cooled one not the new front-drive model that came along later but he always wanted to own a Porsche but could never justify the high price tag.

My friend also liked motorsports and enjoyed attending races at Watkins Glen International in New York state. One year he was driving back from watching the US Grand Prix that was held at that track through 1980 and on the way home stopped by to visit his friend Bill in Pennsylvania, He had a nice visit full of nostalgia and was glad he took the time for a detour.

After John arrived back home in Baltimore, he received a call from Bill’s wife. It seems that shortly after he left, Bill had a heart attack and died. The next day, John bought a Porsche.

The Bucket List concept was not one I was familiar at the time and while I didn’t have a formal list* then or now, it’s something I think we should should at least keep in the back of our minds because ‘ya never know…


We all get so busy with our jobs and lives, putting out the daily “fires” we have to deal with and often lose sight of the fact, that as Jim Morrison once said, “we’re not getting out of this alive.” So is this Kirkham Motorsports roadster that I photographed at SEMA a few years ago on my bucket list? What do you think?

*PS. It seems that as Ive gotten older, the bucket list concept is not as fuzzy as it once was. Just this week, while working on a post for my blog ‘Saving the World, One Pixel @ a Time’ I added something else to my bucket list. If you want to learn what it is, it will appear Friday—September 9, 2016.