Wide Screen Car Photography

I’ve always been fascinated with wide-screen images both in the movies and in still photography. I really liked  Jeff Bridges’ book, “Pictures by Jeff Bridges,” that features panoramic images  he made using a Widelux F8 camera on the sets of some of the movies he’s appeared in. It inspired me to shoot some film using a Russian-made Horizon 202 taking exposure readings for this scene using a Gossen hand-held meter. The Horizon is an all-mechanical camera, no batteries included, no batteries needed.


Having a camera with a 120-degree view on a 24 x 58mm film format and a 28mm focal length lens changes your way of looking at images and framing them. When combined with what must charitably be called an approximate view seen though the viewfinder and no focusing capability (I guess that’s tough to do with a moving lens) the experience puts spontaneity and maybe even a little inspiration into your photography.

After having the film processed, I hand trimmed the negatives by hand and place the strips in one of the film holders that Epson provided with the one of their old scanners. After scanning and tweaking the images in Photoshop suddenly I’m Jeff Bridges, Nash Bridges, Brooklyn Bridges, or one of those guys.